Air One Airline

In 2007 Air One was about to buy Alitalia, the Italian official airline. The aim was to merge both the companies into a new big airline. Therefore, I got an assignment to realize a corporate photo reportage. The pictures have been published on Air One annual report, in-flight official magazine, corporate website and media.  

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Edison Energy Company

Montedison was one of the most important Italian industrial group with over 150,000 employees. At the beginning of ’90s Montedison sold all chemical plants and Energy became the core business. The hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants where managed by Edison, a subsidiary rapidly growing. Born in 1884, Edison is the oldest energy company in Europe.…

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Indesit Company

Indesit Company is an Italian manufacturer of major domestic appliances, 2nd producer Europe and 5th in the world with 16,000 employees. Founded in 1975, Indesit grew under the presidency of Vittorio Merloni, that listed the company on the Milan Stock Exchange in 1987 and led Indesit until 2010. Recently, Whirlpool Corporation acquired Indesit and paid just over $ 1 billion for 60%…

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Natural Beekeeping

In the 70’s the breeding of the Sicilian black bee was discontinued. After millennia, this docile and productive bee became an endangered species. Today the Sicilian bee is back, thanks to the efforts of experts and brave beekeepers. One of them is the Società Agricola Nero D’Ape who patiently introduced the black bee in eastern part…

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EniChem Synthetic Fibers

At the beginning of the 90’s EniChem – the chemical division of ENI – acquires Montefibre, a company leader in manufacturing of synthetic fibers. At once, the main asset become the production of acrylic and polyester fibers, realized in some factories located in Italy. This reportage shows one of the major facilities of that time.

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Vedani Aluminium Foundry

Milan is the capital of industry and finance in Italy, it is a leading city with the 2nd largest economy in Europe. During the last century many companies were founded in Milan. One of them is Vedani Company. Established in 1902, Vedani closed the historical aluminum foundry of via Schievano and transferred the production to…

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